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How it Works

Speak with teachers with one click!

Live Teachers - Tons of multimedia lessons. 100 dictations. Tests and business letters.

Speak Online - Speaking English Lessons, Business Communication, Advanced English - All with Online teachers!

Virtual Classroom - fully interactive environment. Speak with just one click!

All Levels - Tons of multimedia lessons. 100 dictations. Tests and business letters.

Essay Rating - our teacher can take a look at your essays and rate them.

Advantages of our method!

You can study in Litesee.com from each point of the world with access to the Internet. There are no limitations in terms of countries, settlements or time zones. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can study from your home or office, without having to spend your time in transportation.

An effective method of language learning
Our online teachers teach much more lessons than any other learning system. Our system offers splendid opportunities for self-study after the lessons with online teachers – multimedia lessons, tests, audio records, dictations and other subsidiary online materials.

No Installation
The course is taught completely online and the only thing you need in order to work with it is a browser which every computer has. It is not necessary for the users to install any additional software.

The users could enter the course from every computer which has access to the Internet. They could study from home after the working hours.

Methods of Learning
Make a placement test and our teacher will recommend you where to start. Or just ask some of the teachers.

Levels of difficulty
The system covers all levels of difficulty – from beginners to advanced.

Range of the learning material
Hundreds of multimedia lessons, dictations, over 60 hors of audio records, lots of tests. Online teachers. Correction of your writing. Assistance by online teachers.

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